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Bespoke approach



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At B2P, we employ a flexible approach that is customized to fit your needs.
Consider us an extension of your team!

Breadth and Depth of Commercial Experience

We offer consulting services and products across the development life cycle:

  • Commercial input into early-stage programs 

  • Pre-launch and launch planning 

  • Post-launch growth and expansion planning 

We provide ongoing support for short-handed marketing teams, strategic alliance management and commercial due diligence efforts.

Sense of Urgency, Purpose, and Passion

We are enthusiastic problem-solvers who deliver compassionate insight into target audiences through a deep and empathetic knowledge of key stakeholders, coupled with an inherent understanding of your organization and its products/services. We do this as part of your team, delivering with a sense of urgency, purpose and passion.

On-Demand Trusted Partner to Meet Your Pace and Needs

SmartBrief spoke recently with Laura Weinstein, president of B2P Consulting,

about how companies can tap on-demand talent to meet commercialization challenges and bolster their business strategies going forward.

To read the full Q&A, click here!

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